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Once again, Lauris Reiniks takes Lithuania and Estonia by storm


A week ago, Lauris Reiniks released his newest music video in Estonia and Lithuania, which has taken over both countries by storm. The newest video was filmed for three days in Northern part of Italy. There are two story lines for the video one is Estonian about a relationship crisis, and the Lithuanian version is about three friends and a love triangle.

The director of the video is Aija Strazdiņa, operator Uvis Burjāns and the producer of the video is Lauris himself.

The Latvian song ‘’Es esmu tev dzīslās’’ adapted in the Estonian version is “Keerleval kaljul”, which is sang with Luisa Vark, who is also the author of the Estonian lyrics. The first day of the song release it became the most bought song on muusika24.ee in Estonia. TV channel, Kanal2, has chosen the song for the background music for the news.

The Lithuanian version of the song “Apkabink dar” has over 250.000 views on YouTube in the span of 7 days. Radio stations have Lauris songs playing and they always become hits. Lyrics for the Lithuanian version were written by a Lithuanian producer/ songwriter Deivydas Zvonkus. 

As of now Lauris Reiniks is in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, together with singer Liepa  Mondeikaite performing the new song on various TV shows.


You can download the songs on Doremi.lv, Muusika24, iTunes, Amazon and others.


Video: Apkabink dar: Lithuania


Video: Keerleval kaljul: Estonia


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