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Lauris Reiniks ”Christmas Prayer”



Lolita Ritmanis says: ‘’Originally ‘’Christmas Prayer” was written few years ago in English, while Latvia was under the Soviet rule, and  when the Soviet army was at war in Afganistan…With this song we ask for peace in the world. There is not enough peace and kindness in the world, but each of us can try to do our part to bring in the peace with our works and thoughts. In this case, our song sounds like an anthem for peace.  Lauris has put in a lot of hard work and we are very happy that this song is included into his album and his Christmas show on December 20th.”

‘’Christmas Prayer’’ video version was filmed couple of days ago, when Lauris visited Latgales orphinage, where all of the kids got invitations to the holiday show among other gifts ‘’ It was the least that we could give these kids, but sometimes small things create big smiles” - Lauris



Tickets for  “Lauris Reiniks Ziemassvētkos” show  are sold at “Biļešu paradīze” and online www.bilesuparadize.lv

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