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Aigars Krēsla
Aigars Krēsla

Author of songs, drummer and instrumentalist of a legendary Latvian band “Jumprava”. Composed songs “Peldētājs”, “ Pēc lietus”, “Anastasijas vārdi”, “ Vēl jāgaida”, “Krāsas”, “Trajektorija”, “Šūpuļdziesma”, ”Pūķis skrien”, ”Jo es krītu”, ”Par daudz”, ”Lidosta mehāniskiem putniem” and others.

Band “Jumprava” was founded in April, 1984. In the beginning “Jumprava” played funky and electronic music, because of that band was frequently compared to “Depeche Mode”. In 1986 Aigars Krēsla and Aigars Grauba joined the band. With songs “Par rozēm” un “Mākonis” band earned popularity all over Latvia. In 1987 band experienced serious crisis as vocalist Ingus Ulmanis and Aigars Voitišķis abandoned the band and together established band “Lādezers”. In the beginning of 1989 also Aigars Grauba left the band. Most successful experience started at the end of 80's and in the beginning of the 90's as band won the prestigous contest “Mikrafona dziesmu aptauja” three times in a row since 1990 – 1992 with songs “Baltā”, “Peldētājs” and “Klusumā”. In 1992 band ended their activity. The most popular songs since their first active period has been "Prom no pilsētas", "Tālu aizgāja", "Šeit lejā", "Vēlreiz" and "Ziemeļmeita".

In 1997 Aigars Grauba, Aigars Grāvers, Aigars Krēsla and Ainārs Ašmanis reunited the band and staff have not changed since then. In 1998 the first album “Laika atšķiribu romance” was released since the band has been reunited. Most popular songs were "Lēna upe", "Ēna" un "Auto '98". Band cooperated with Nataradža, who wrote lyrics for many songs in this album. In the next year selection of their best songs “Labāko dziesmu izlase” was released. In 1999 band received Latvian Music Records Award for their lifetime of investment in development of Latvian music. In 2001 their next album “Trajektorija” was released and music videos have been taken for most popular songs “Nedaudz par viņu” and “Ringā”. Song “Baiga vasara” was chosen as title track in movie that was taken by Aigars Grauba.

After 4 years in 2005 the next album “Inkarmo” was released and some of the songs were written by Rolands Ūdris. Radio stations layed songs "Liekos dīvains", "Inkarmo", "Vārdi" and "Laimīgs". Music videos were taken for songs “Stacijā” and “Kailass”. In 2005 continued collection was released – the second part for the selection of their best songs that was released in 1999 - “Labāko dziesmu izlase II daļa (1984-1990)”. In the next year both of these selections were united and relesed together in album "Labāko dziesmu dubultizlasē: Dzīvo silti".

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