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Tomass Kleins
Tomass Kleins

Born on June 6th, 1966.

Tomass was born in very musical family. He participated in band “Saldās sejas” together with Ivo Fomins, Z.Muktupāvels and G.Račs. Tomass founded many bands in the past, played in band “Neptūns” that was founded by J. Lūsēns. After serving in soviet army Tomass joined band “Līvi”. Band was his second home and he became very recognizable. However he played his last concert with “Līvi” in 2003. Duet “Fomins&Kleins” was established. Songs of this duet are with wide scope and grounded on patriotism. Participated also in Eurovision Song contest and despite suggestions song performed in Latvian, as they represented Latvia.

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We are the best
Ātrāk, augstāk, tālāk
Dievs vienmēr tam ir līdz
Kādā Brīnišķā dienā
Kas tev par daļu?
Kur esi tu?
Lēni, lēni
Mana mīļā
Mums kauna nav
Nāc man līdz
Solījums (man ir labi)
Tālu prom (kur vēl nav bijis neviens)
Tikai tev un man (raudāja vējš)
Ubaga dziesma
Vairāk nekā nav
Vārdi, vārdi, vārdi
Viegli, viegli
Uz neatgriešanos
We are the best
Es esmu pieticīgs
Saule riet
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