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Mārtiņš Freimanis
Mārtiņš Freimanis

Mārtiņš Freimanis (1977 - 2011)

One of the best and most popular Latvian composer, musician and poet Mārtiņš Freimanis born on February 7, 1977, in Liepāja. Mārtiņš spent his childhood and graduated high school in Aizpute. Later worked as English teacher in Liepājas 1st Secondary School.

Since 1994 Mārtiņš was a lead singer and songwriter of the rock band "Tumsa". 6 albums were released with "Tumsa". As “Tumsa” became stable in Latvian music market, Mārtiņš started to compose songs and write lyrics also for other musicians. Among them “Putnu balle”, lauris Reiniks, Yana Kay, Gunārs Kalniņš, “F.L.Y.”, Kaža and many others. As actor Freimanis gains success in the rock-opera “Kaupēn, mans mīļais” in the Liepājas theatre, in 1998.

In cooperation with Lauris Reiniks created successful songs such as “Sirds sadeg neparasti”, “Labāk vēl neaizmiedz”, “Es skrienu”, “Es neesmu neprātīgs”, “Pasakā”, “Tik balti” and others. Mārtiņš wrote songs also for two albums for band “Putnu balle” and along them are two songs - “Spārni un vējš” and “Sapņu pārdevējs” that are beloved by listeners. In recent years cooperated with many new artists, such as Kristīna Zaharova, “Kids 4 Rock”, “PeR”, “Blitze” and others.

In 2003 in cooperation with Lauris Reiniks and Yana Kay project “F.L.Y.” was established and with song “Hello From Mars” won in national final of the Latvian Eurovision Contest and represented Latvia in the Final of the International Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Riga.

In 2004 Mārtiņš created song “The War Is Not Over” that was delegated to the musicians of a band “Putnu balle”- Valters and Kaža, who won in national final of the Latvian Eurovision Contest and in the Final of the International Eurovision Song Contest won the 5th place, that helped for both author and musicians to obtain audience on a large-scale in the Baltic states and Europe. In 2008 this song was included in album by Danish band “Michael Learns To Rock” that is well known in Europe and Asia. Since Latvia participates in the Eurovision Song Contest, every year there is at least one song that was composed by Mārtiņš. Also in 2011, already after his death.

In 2004 collection of poems by Mārtiņš Freimanis “Zālīte truša dvēselei” was released and along with poems there are lyrics from songs that were performed by “Tumsa”.

In 2005 Freimanis participated in movie by Arvīds Krievs “Man patīk, ka meitene skumst” and later in “Dancis pa trim” that was released after his death in spring 2011.

In 2005 creates music for musical “Autoplanēta”.

On November 15, 2007 for the first time appeared in TV series “Neprāta cena” by LTV that was followed by participation in “UgunsGrēks” by TV3.

Although Mārtiņš is not among us anymore, his songs are played continously and lives their own life.

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