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Haralds Sīmanis
Haralds Sīmanis

Born on June 12th, 1951. Fantastic singer as his voice grade is uo to almost four octaves, and because of that he is compared to Demis Russo. The only difference is that Sīmanis started to play music before even Russo was known in Latvia. At the beginning Sīmanis was keen on sports. He was Junior Alpine ski Latvian Champion in 1967. Later his success was overshadowed by guitar and songs. Poem for organ “Mīlestība nekad nebeidzas” with lyrics by Arvīds Ulme was composed in 1976. Also in future Ulme was his favourite poet. Cycle of songs “Likteņa lietavas” was created in 1978, “Par zāli, sāli un Tevi” - in the next year. Everyone held their breath when Sīmanis participated in “Mikrafons” concert with song “Melns ezers kalna galā...”. At the same time his talent noticed professionals and invited him to join philharmonic association “Tip Top” at first and later - band “Lāčplēsis”. In cooperation with band “Lāčplēsis” another songs “Man jānoriet” was created. As Sīmanis prefered artistic freedom, nonstop concerts without respite could not be continued. In the middle of the 80's he started to work individually and disappeared from the stage. On a regular basis he visited Latvaian churches to perform his concerts and he did not brag about his cretive plans also in the 90's. Sīmanis is one of the less interwieved musician, but his songs speaks on behalf of him.

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