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Marats Oglezņevs
Marats Oglezņevs

Composer, singer and producer Marats Ogļezņevs born in June 28, 1983, in Liepāja, Latvia.

In 2001 established a band “Device”. After a year concluded an agreement with leading publishing company in Latvia “Microphone Records” and three successful albums were released. In 2002 "Top of the Pops" awarded band with a title of "Latvian National Megastar".

Album “Better Days” was released in 2002, “18 Touchez” in 2003, and “Too Hot For LV” in 2006. Songs that were written and produced by Marats gains great success in radio stations and gets into different charts.

Cooperation with Emīls Balceris started in summer of 2009 as new R&B and popmusic project “Musiqq” was started. “Musiqq” gained success rapidly and became a sensation of 2009 in Latvian pop music. Their song “Abrakadabra” topped all radio station charts and was nominated for the most important annual song competition “Muzikālā Banka 2009” and song was announced as the most valuable song of the year. Besides, Abrakadabra was nominated for the Latvian Music Records Award and becomes the second most demanded song in Latvian music download portal “Doremi.lv”. English version of a song was licensed for the American movie “Death Canyon” that will be released in autumn 2011.

In 2009 Marats was awarded with most valuable prize of his town city “Gada liepājnieks 2009”.

In March 2010 duet relesed their debut album “Šī ir tikai mūzika”, where other successful singles, that were composed by Marats, were included. Along with Abrakadabra, his songs “Dzimšanas diena” and “No 10 - 10” became national hit records. These songs topped all radio station charts and the album was nominated for the Latvian Music Records Award in the nomination – The Best Pop Music Album. The group entered the final of the annual song competition “Muzikālā Banka 2010” with two songs at once - “Dzimšanas diena” and “No 10-10”. The song “Abrakadabra” was nominated as one of the 5 most popular songs in Latvia in 2010. “Musiqq” was awarded for 3 of their songs among 10 most demanded songs of 2010 of the music download portal “Doremi.lv”.

In 2011 Marats composed song “Angel in Disguise” for the national final of the Latvian Eurovision Contest and it was performed by “Musiqq”. In an intense competition with Lauris Reiniks, the song won and Marats along with his colleague will represent Latvia in the Final of the International Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Along with “Musiqq” Marats produces songs also for other musicians.

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