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Ingars Gusāns

Born on February 17th, 1974, in Rēzekne. Composer, guitarist, vocalist. Also known as participant/guitarist and composer in band “Borowa Mc”. Day-to-day works as lecturer in University of Latvia and Rēzekne University College, doctor's degree in Linguistics.

Representative of rock music in Latgale. Also known as founder of rap music in subspiece of Latvian language– Latgalian. Participated in band “Slieksnis”. Ingars also known by his pseudonym – Sovvaļnīks. Ingars united both melancholic and heavy rhythms in his solo project. Sovvaļnīks completed his album “Sūpluok”. It was holded in pop/rock sounds of the 80's and 90's that is his favorite style. Album is dedicated to Antons Kūkojs – well known as representative of Latgalian culture in the last century. Co-project with band “Bez PVN”, radio single “Vosorušona” in 2006, debut album “Sūpluok” in 2010.

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